Merry Christmass

and a happy New Year 2024

best wishes from

Art'n Oil

Are curious,

come on a visit to my studio!


I would be glad about your visit!






in my studio in Margetshöchheim

" Acryl- / Oilpainting  "

max. 4 attendee per Workshop

(Colors and paintbrushes are available for a low fee to the use.
Cost of materials individually after consumption)

enrollment under Fon. 0172-9319678 o. info@art-n-oil.com






Presentation of the business award "REGIONIS 20ll"

at Mercedes Benz Branch Würzburg 8 March 2012

Winner: InnoSenT Radartechnologiy

Business price of the
Junior Chamber International Lower Franconia

design & production by

Art´n Oil, Sylvia Roswora





Pictures of  the last exhibition in the orangerie of the Residence of Würzburg:

Eau, PO & Co

YouTube Catwalk-Video